Top Tourist Attractions in Finistere: An In-Depth Guide – Review on

Discover the hidden treasures of Finistare with our comprehensive guide. Finistere, located in the breath-taking region of Brittany in France, boasts of enchanting landscapes, steeped in history, culture, and unique geographic features. From the stunning coastal scenery, ancient towns, to lighthouses and crepes, there is plenty to explore and enjoy.

For first-time tourists, an absolute must-visit is Quimper, the ancient capital of La Cornouaille, Brittany’s traditional region. Dotted with footbridges crossing the riverbanks flanked by houses dating back to the 14th century, you’d feel transported in time. Great food, lively festivals, and friendly locals only add to the overall charm.

The coastal town of Concarneau is another gem, where the Ville Close (walled town) attracts visitors from across the globe. And then, of course, there’s Pointe du Raz, Brittany’s westernmost promontory, where you feel truly at the end of the world.

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